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  • Iron Bead Caps, Platinum, 10x4mm, Hole: 1mm

  • Price/Package: US $28.83 YOUR PRICES
  • Bronze Price:

    US $27.96

  • Silver Price:

    US $27.10

  • Gold Price:

    US $26.23

  • Diamond Price:

    US $25.37

  • Crown Price:

    US $24.50

  • 3 Days
    Weight: 690(g)
  • Product Description

    Iron Bead Caps, Platinum

    Size: about 10mm in diameter, 4mm thick, hole: 1mm.

    Bead caps add an elegant finish to glass and gemstone beads or cultured freshwater pearls. They can direct the attention focus to specialty accent beads in your jewelry designs, also be a great help when mixing small bead spacers with large-hole beads.

    Priced per 10,000 pcs

    Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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